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    “Al Green is said to have a predisposition for the Devils music: Jackie Wilson is his idol. He created Al Greene & the Creations, then Al Greene & the Soul Mates that hads a lot of success in 1968 with the single “Back Up Train” (in the Top 5).
    Meeting Willie Mitchell
    Al Green plans his solo carrier only after meeting Hi Records boss: Willie Mitchel, whom is enchanted by Al Greens voice, rhythm and sensuality. At first, Mitchel hires him as a singer in his own group. They form a perfect pair, experts in the art of creating popular choruses.
    Al Green is born
    Al Green loses the final “e” in his name but wins the right to record his own disks (he re-sings “I wanna hold your hand” of the Beatles) with a fair success. After this period, at each new album the artist seems to be getting better and better and even nearer to what he will become: The biggest soul artist of the moment. The albums are: Green is blued in 1970, Al Green Gets next to you in 1971, let’s stay together in 1972, I’m still in love with you in 1973 and in 1974, Call me.”
    Back to soul music
    After having dealt with several issues Al Green starts his come back with a more secular music: He meets up with Willie Mtchell for “He is the Light” in 1985 and later on, in 1994 with country singer, Lyle Lovett.
    After influencing artist such as Marvin Gaye, he was honored with the Grammy Awards in 2008 for his whole carrier.

    Copyright: (Translated) 2010 Music Story Christian Larrède


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