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    It is a fact, when Amon Tobin is in a studio he creates precious treasures.
    His music is the result of various experiences. Some going back to the 90’s, some from his first Extended Play (EP) named Adventures in Foam under the nickname of Cujo, and last but not least, some from his great albums signed with the Ninja Tune label. Since then, it was a fast drive to glory. He was known to be a master in production by creating a jazzy, hip hop and break beat drum’n’bass.
    The 7th album, ISAM, made by the pioneer of electro was released in 2011 under his historical label Ninja Tune. Playing with new instruments and natural sounds, this album is by far the most exciting and the most experimental he has ever done even if following his previous work.
    By associating himself to V Squared Labs, he gains important expertise concerning mapping projections. Heather de Vita Motus Design (live stage experience) and Alex Lazarus Blasthaus (design, production and artistic direction) were of big help also.
    ISAM is a gigantic and extraordinary artistic installation, integrating both artist and audience in a 3 dimension environment; A fantastic audiovisual trip to accompany his new live.
    Just back from a groundbreaking tour, Amon Tobin is now part of the most powerful electro artists. Always seeking more artistic and technologic innovations, he now offers an unequalled and incredible show.


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