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    Eyal Golan was born on the 12th of April, 1971 in Rehovot, Israel - Where he continues to reside today with his wife and family. .

    In addition to his love of music, Eyal is also known for his love of football and played football since a young age in parallel to enjoying a successful music career.

    At 19 years old, Eyal started selecting the tracks for his his first album: "A Whisper at Night", which was released in 1994 and was financed personally by himself.

    In 1995, and following the success of his first album , Eyal released his second album: "Live Show", which was very well received and became a great commercial success for Eyal.

    In 1997, Eyal released an album in collaboration with the popular Israeli band "Etnix": "Without You". This album became a huge success in a short time, and included hits such as "A Man's Heart" and "Without You". Following the success of this third album and in the same year Eyal was awarded by Channel 2 the prestigious prize of " Performer of the Year".

    In 1998, Eyal released the second album in collaboration with "Etnix": "Solider of Love" which included hits such as "My Pretty" and "Tears".. In continuing the success from this album Eyal set out on an international tour, performing in the USA, Canada, South America and Europe.

    Following the success of the first two collaboration albums recorded with Etnix, in 1999, a third album with was released - : "Look at Me" which included hits such as "Look at Me" and "King of the Yard" .Notwithstanding the success of the previous three albums and many joint performances, Eyal and Etnix decided to part ways, and released a final collaboration album together.

    Two years later, in 2001, Eyal released "Cord Sound" - a superb solo album which included hits as "Cord Sound" and "Million or Dollar". The album was written in collaboration with many highly regards Israeli performers and writers and it was not long after its release that it reached triple platinum status (the sale of 120,000 records).

    In 2002 Eyal released his seventh album "Calling You" which included great hits such as "Come Back", "Calling You" and more.

    On the 12th of September 2002, Eyal married Ilanit Levi (winner of the Israeli 2001 Miss Universe Competition) celebrating with hundreds of family and friends in a lavish wedding celebration.

    On the 26th of October 2003, Liam - Eyal and Ilanit's first child was born.

    In the same year, Eyal released his eighth album: "Dreams" including a his the hit "Dreams".

    In 2005, Eyal released his ninth album: "Another Reality" which included hits such as "My Beauty Queen" and "Miss".

    On the 13th of September 2006, Alin - Eyal and Ilanit's daugther was born

    On the 25th of March, 2007, Eyal released "I was made for you" - another successful and well received solo album, including great hits such as "If there is a Heaven" and "Can't "..

    On the 9th of March 2008, Eyal released his eleventh album "Imagine You Facing Me", including top hits such as "My Heart", "Imagine You Facing Me" and "Pitzrika" - a Greek duet with Triponas. Within 2 days, "Imagine You Facing Me" went "Golden" reaching sales of 20,000 copies.

    On September 2008, Eyal released special DVD which contain the colture hall show.

    On April-August 2008 Eyal made his first show tour which included shows in Caesarea, Haifa, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Lehavim.

    On the 9th of March 2009, Eyal released his twelve album "Imagine You Facing Me", including top hits such as "This Is Me" and "Preety". Within 5 days, "This Is Me" went "Golden" reaching sales of 20,000 copies.

    On May-August 2009 Eyal made his 2nd show tour which included 12 shows in Caesarea Amphitheater and more then 49,000 watched people.

    On the 24th of February 2010, Eyal's new album "A Way To Life" have been released to the cellular networks. On the May 3, 20010 this album have been officialy released to the stores.

    On May 2010, Eyal have begun a series of common shows with the leader Israely entertainer Eli Yatpan at Nokia Hall.

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