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    Fanny J (born Jacques) is born in 1988 in Guyana and starts off her career in 2004 in the Podium Revelation contest. Fanny grew up with American singers such as Whitney Houston or even Toni Braxton. These R&B, pop and soul melodies were of strong influence.
    The singer started her career as Fanny. She must wait until 2006 to meet an unforgettable person: Warren ( A zouk producer and singer). He decides to help her and changes her name to Fanny J, a little “flashier”. She releases her well-known single: “Ancrée à ton port” (at your port) with Mokobe (of the group 113).
    The success of this single encourages the singer to pursue her dream. Thanks to Warren, Fanny J releases her album in 2008 “Vous les hommes” (You, Men) that gives her the title of a New French musical hope. She must now give herself entirely and truly to her audience and on the long term.

    Translated from the original text by Nikita Malliarakis


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