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    After an extended Wish-Concert tour in Germany, that had already started in the fall of 2007, all attention is focused on the preparation of the project that has to follow the success of "The Crooners".
    In the mean time, the other side of the world has also been convinced by Helmut's talent. Australia started releasing one by one Helmut's oeuvre since the 1st of April, and this is no joke! All TV specials are being broadcasted systematically. By the end of 2009, all CD's and DVD's will be available there in a special edition (combined package).

    Helmut reveals his new project "Time to Swing", a collection of swing classics and several self-composed songs, on the 5th of June. The presentation takes place on the stage of Antwerp's cultural temple The Roma. There, the new DVD annex TV Special is also recorded on the 8th and 9th of August. This spectacular show, with amazing dancers, lets us see a Helmut who starts tap-dancing (during "Fever") and sings a duet with Clare Teal, awarded best jazz singer in the UK three years running.

    Helmut goes on mission to Burundi as UNICEF ambassador in the beginning of September, and herewith launches the UNICEF campaign against malnutrition. On Friday, 19th of September, he also participates in the Stars of Europe event in favour of UNICEF, which takes place at the foot of Brussels Atomium and is broadcasted world wide.
    On the 12th of September "Time to Swing" is released. The new CD already makes platinum in pre-sales. No big surprise, because the first single already took a swinging start. For the first time in twelve years, Helmut Lotti was in the singles top 10 for several weeks, which is exceptional for an artist of his calibre.


    The year starts under a lucky star. Barely a few weeks after the release of "The Crooners", the album already tops the list of best sold CD's in Flanders. Also internationally the double album promises to become a new best seller and the expectations are confirmed. By the end of January 2007 "The Crooners" is good for two times platinum and one time gold. With over 12.500.000 sold CD's, Helmut Lotti may call himself the most successful Flemish artist ever.

    The first record by Flanders' most popular pop group Clouseau was released twenty years ago. Helmut now records their biggest hit 'Daar Gaat Ze' (There she goes) for the tribute CD "Braveau Clouseau".

    Beim belgischen Königsfest am 15. November singt Helmut Lotti für die königliche Familie und die geladenen Gäste die Nationalhymne, die Brabançonne. Seine Version in 3 Sprachen kommt auch als CD Single heraus.


    Helmut Lotti starts 2006 with something completely new for him: his first self written title song for a film.For "Dennis van Rita", directed by Flemish top actress Hilde Van Mieghem , he composes the music and writes the lyrics of "Love Belongs to Everyone". Van Mieghem is so touched by the song that she decides to use this title for foreign language versions of her film.
    "Dennis van Rita" is therefore called "Love Belongs to Everyone" in other countries.
    Helmut reveals his plans for a new musical project to the press and his fans on March 23. It will be a unique double album, collectively named "The Crooners" . On one CD, "The American Way", Lotti sings 12 of the world's most famous crooner songs. On the second CD, "My Way", he surprises his audience with 12 songs, completely by his own hand, in the same atmosphere. Also during this spring he introduces the album "My Favorite Classics", a collection of the highlights from his Classic-CD's.

    Europe is struck by a heat wave. It's almost fifty degrees Celsius in Hamburg when Helmut and his crew settle there for the recordings of the DVD "The Crooners". Especially for this project the 'Curio Haus' is transformed to a champagne bar from the fifties, the setting in which the greatest Crooners of the world enchanted their audience. Baron Stijn Conincx, Oscar nominee for his movie "Daens", is the director. Despite the all-consuming heat, Helmut delivers two flawless concerts. The audience, all dressed up in gala, rewards him with several standing ovations.

    "The Crooners", the double album containing "The American Way" and "My Way", is officially presented to the press on September 13. They react with much enthusiasm and acknowledge that Helmut Lotti is cut out for this genre. Praising words for his own work as well and already on that same day thousands of copies of "The Crooners" are sold. The release of "The Crooners" is, according to tradition, the start of a whole new series of interviews, television performances and concerts. The DVD "The Crooners" is released in November, shortly before Helmut's concerts in the Elisabeth Hall of Antwerp (Belgium); the place where he gave his very first Classic concert over ten years ago.


    Helmut decides to take a sabbatical leave, so no new musical project this year.

    This does not necessarily mean fewer concerts. The singer travels around the world with "From Russia With Love", which is also very much appreciated in the US . The album even results in a unique contract with a very important TV station.

    Accompanied by a select group he again, this time as UNICEF ambassador, travels to Russia to prepare some projects around HIV / Aids prevention.
    A book is published in which Helmut, amongst others, tells open heartedly about his work and his life. When he's giving a signing session at the annual Book Fair in Antwerp , hundreds of people show up.

    Even though no new album is released in 2005, the awards keep coming.

    Helmut Lotti has received, world wide, a total of 76 gold and 72 platinum awards on the date of December 31st 2005..


    Helmut starts the new year with a fan meeting. The festivities take place in Wommelgem ( Belgium ) where he dines with his fans before leaving for the Sportpaleis to give a mega concert. Special guest on stage is Freddy Birset.

    The idea for a next album is already growing. Helmut wants to make his most personal album yet, a CD on which he can go full out with his vocal abilities. Manager Piet Roelen gets a brainstorm. In between the many concerts in Belgium , The Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia they travel East for the first time.

    Summer in Belgium is nothing to write home about, but Helmut and his crew are not concerned about this. They are working hard these months on "From Russia With Love", the most impressive album yet. The title song is written by Helmut himself and initially began with a few lines, scribbled down minutes before a concert. He informs the press, together with the Russian Ambassador in Belgium , remarkably quick about the new musical project. Immediately it gets enthusiastic reactions. Even though Lotti wants to let them listen to a couple of songs, all present fall silent by the typical melancholy in this powerful music.

    July is swallowed up entirely by the recordings of the accompanying TV special and Road Movie. It's a super production on which hundreds of people will be working, dancers, choir members, orchestras, lumberjacks and Cossacks. They even organise a genuine village party. Helmut is guided by musical virtuoso Andrej in Russia . The two of them travel through the nation and its history, to the rhythm of the Trans Siberian Express. The journey produces overwhelming images.

    August is for editing, writing, re-editing and cutting. Helmut demands the best of his co-workers, nerves are becoming tense. Everything has to be just right. Music, images, the accompanying 'reveries', a poetic reflection of the journey and the nation. The result is without a doubt fantastic.

    On September 13th Helmut present his youngest musical project, the Russian pearl in his impressive career: "From Russia With Love". He describes it as a melodious portrait of a powerful country, not by coincidence the biggest in the world. The press conference, held in the midst of the grandeur of the Russian Embassy in Berlin , attracts hundreds of people. Just the pre sales alone of "From Russia With Love" are a huge success. The months after the press presentation are taken up by dozens of interviews and TV recordings.

    King Albert II assigns Helmut Lotti to Grand Officer in the Order of Leopold.


    Our own Prince Filip honours Helmut Lotti as best interpreter of 'Classic Pop' in Berlin , Germany , in the beginning of February. Helmut receives the "Goldene Kamera".

    Four weeks later he's already back in Canada , together with Freddy Birset. They tour in Montreal , Quebec and Gatineau .

    Also in March, UNICEF ambassador Helmut Lotti and UNESCO Goodwill ambassador Goedele Liekens travel to Namibia . The visit several projects that are dealing with the issues of HIV / Aids prevention.
    Once back home, Helmut asks the Flemish press to give detailed attention to this burning problems.

    In May the producers of the success show "Noche de Fiesta" expect Helmut in Spain . In between the recordings of this TV show, Helmut starts rehearsing the first songs of his upcoming musical project "Pop Classics in Symphony".

    The Recording of "Pop Classics in Symphony" take up most of the summer, starting with a visit to Sir Cliff Richard. The British music icon welcomes Helmut in his home near London . They sing two duets, one for Lotti's pop album as well as for his British version of Classic I, and one for the Christmas album of Sir Richard.
    Both duets are recorded in thé top studio of the English music scene. The artists are impressed by each others performances which leads to a firm bond. The British press reacts with an enormous enthusiasm to the joint venture of Helmut and Sir Cliff.

    A swinging intermezzo are the three rock concerts Helmut gives in the Casino of Knokke. For many of his fans, these concerts are the highlight of this year's concert season.

    However, the real eye catcher is the mega concert on the Brussels ' "Grote Markt". This is where "Pop Classics in Symphony" is finally recorded, with Sir Cliff Richard as special guest.
    Strikingly conspicuous is the crystal clear voice of 9 year old Laura Seys. The little girl sings together with Helmut and 50 other children the stunningly beautiful "I Am Sailing".

    On September 22nd "Pop Classics in Symphony" has its premiere and the album is received with applause in every country.

    Helmut Lotti is one of the eye catchers on the Gala Concert in Toronto in honour of 25 years of Pope Johannes Paulus II. The 8000 head audience cheers with exuberance.
    But most surprising is the fact that the organisers have chosen the intro of Helmut's Castle Album as the overture of this fabulous papal concert.

    Helmut Lotti gives a benefit concert in Kuurne , Belgium . The proceeds will go entirely to UNICEF, more specifically to the children in Namibia .

    In the same month November, Helmut is expected in the UK for the TV show "Des and Mel" and several interviews.

    In December Helmut gives 20 concerts in Germany alone. He ends the year with a fabulous result: he has just sold his 12.000.000th CD !!!


    A concert tour in The Netherlands, with as top of the bill the concert on January 21st in Amsterdam 's Carré Theatre where Helmut receives a gold record from the Dutch record company for his "Latino Love Songs".

    Helmut ends this month with a series of concerts, in which Michael Jr. appears, in Germany , Austria , The Netherlands and Belgium .
    Helmut tours in Austria where he receives a gold record for 'Latino Love Songs' in a sold out Stadthalle in Vienna on February 2nd.

    On February 8th he gives a brilliant concert in the Hallen-Stadion in Zurich where he again receives a gold record.

    On February 23rd Helmut gives a Rock & Roll concert in the Kuipke in Ghent in honour of Etienne De Wilde's farewell.

    Meanwhile the website has had his millionth visitor!

    Helmut and Michael Jr. leave for Canada to give eight concerts.
    Helmut returns with the umpteenth gold record and immediately retreats in the studio for his new CD, a childhood dream: "My Tribute To The King", his personal ode to Elvis Presley.

    The accompanying special "My Tribute To The King - The Documentary" is recorded in June. Helmut and his team travel to Las Vegas , Tupelo (the area where Elvis was born), Memphis and Nashville . One recording was made in the studio where Elvis first started and Helmut was accompanied by Presley's musicians Scotty Moore (drums) and DJ Fontana (guitar).

    Barely one week after the release of "My Tribute To The King" the album is good for platinum. Helmut tours through Europe .
    In Friedberg he gives a benefit concert in favour of the victims of the terrible floods.
    In Vienna he receives gold for "Latino Love Songs".

    Helmut also makes a short tour through South Africa this summer.

    On November 3rd Helmut Lotti talks with Belgian astronaut Frank De Winne, who floats in space at that moment ánd took a Lotti CD with him in the space capsule.
    Helmut is honoured and asks De Winne if he would join him as UNICEF ambassador. Frank immediately says "yes".

    November is even more important for several reasons: Helmut does 10 TV shows, 5 radio interviews and 6 newspaper interviews in Canada , and this in barely 6 days.
    In Switzerland and Germany he receives gold for "My Tribute To The King".

    Helmut ends the year with an enchanting duet: "Et Maintenant / What Now My Love", together with Freddy Birset. The single is an immense success.


    Helmut receives the ECHO award in the category "Cross Over Classique". This impressive prize is awarded by members of the phonographic industry of Germany and is known all over the world as the second most important in the music industry.

    Austria - 'Amadeus Austrian Music Award 2001' . Helmut Lotti receives this prestigious award under a thunderous round of applause.

    The season closes with three rock & roll concerts in the Casino of Knokke. The fist single 'Quizas, Quizas, Quizas', a track from his upcoming album "Latino Love Songs" can be heard for the first time.

    In Finland he records a duet with Arja Koriseva, "All My Life". This song is included in the Finish edition of "Classics III".

    This very summer the filming for the TV Special "Latino Love Songs" starts on several locations in Mexico .

    Helmut Lotti meets Belgian Crown Prince Filip and his wife, Princess Mathilde. As UNICEF Ambassador he draws the couple's attention to the problems and urgent needs of children throughout the world. Also Minister of Foreign Affairs, Louis Michel, listens attentively.

    Live TV recordings of the concert 'Latino Love Songs' in Genk . 2001 balloons are set free to make a festive start to the beginning of a spectacular tour.

    Helmut leaves for Germany to promote "A Classical Christmas with Helmut Lotti " and receives the "Goldene Stimmgabel", a prestigious award for the best interpreter of classical music.

    Following are concerts in Denmark , Sweden , Finland and Norway .

    15 Extra Christmas Concerts are planned for Germany , the album "A Classical Christmas With Helmut Lotti " is released here as well.

    Afterwards it's back to Belgium for concerts in Charleroi , Luik and Genk .


    The year starts with the discovery of the Scandinavian countries of Europe . Helmut makes a television recording in Lapland . Later in the year concerts are announced in Finland , Norway , Denmark and Sweden. During the months of March, April, May and June, concerts take place in Germany , South Africa , Belgium , The Netherlands and Austria . While being on tour, Helmut receives numerous golden and platinum records.


    Helmut travels to Mexico to record a TV special for "Latino Classics".
    As UNICEF ambassador he also visits the flooded areas of Mozambique .


    The DVD "Latino Classics" has its premiere on a gigantic screen in the cinema complex Kinepolis in Brussels .
    This is the first time a DVD Audio Mix 5.1 is available for sale on the European market.
    A trip through Canada takes Helmut and his team to Montreal , Calgary , Quebec , Ottawa , Toronto and Hamilton .

    During this millennium year Helmut gave over one hundred concerts!


    Without slowing down, new challenges are being faced. After another tremendous success in Canada , Helmut sets out to conquer New York . Helmut Lotti has come to make the American Dream come true. The land of Uncle Sam has not been able to resist the enchantment of the "little" Flemish singer. The same warm welcome was extended the next day in Boston where, again, his concert is sold out.

    Concerts follow each other in an almost incredible tempo in South Africa , Austria, Germany, Belgium and Denmark.

    On June 11th Helmut gives his first concert in France . The French cheer him enthusiastically in "L'Olympia".

    In August, for the promotion of a big tour in Germany , Helmut records a remix of his first "Goes Classic". A remarkable concert and a beautiful video, recorded in Hannover as well as on the island of Majorca

    Helmut Lotti and the entire crew are in the cultural village Basotho in the Golden Gate, South Africa , to record the video / TV Special for his new album "Out of Africa ". A CD described by connoisseurs as a black diamond, one of world's rarest precious gems. Even the African ambassadors in Belgium are impressed.

    Will Tura - in Belgium also known as the king of Flemish music - gives an impressive contribution. Just as surprising and impressive is the title song of the album. Written by . Helmut Lotti.
    The year 1999 ends with a spectacular concert in Vorst Nationaal.


    Helmut Lotti travels again to Canada for concerts in places like Quebec and Toronto .
    Helmut spreads his wings even further on the international scene: eight concerts in South Africa . Six in Pretoria , two in Midrand.

    Time as well for new Classics concerts in Belgium , The Netherlands and Germany . Helmut again crosses the ocean for a promotional tour through the US : Atlanta , Philadelphia , Washington , Baltimore , Seattle ,.

    In between the European performances, the Lotti team is back again in Canada for six concerts and he's expected to return to the US for an intensive promo tour.

    On July 5t Eros Ramazzotti welcomes his 'friends' Joe Cocker and Tina Turner. Helmut is there as well and together with Eros he enchants the public with 'Musica è".

    On August 11th the first Classics CD is released in the US .

    On August 12th, 13th and 14th Lotti & Co give the best of themselves for the recordings of the new CD in the majestic St. Rombouts Cathedral in Mechelen.

    The snowball effect continues: on August 27th our singer gives a special concert in the Sporting Club Monaco for the FIFA-UEFA.

    Disbelief on the phone. The first hundred thousand copies of "Classic I" have already been sold in the US . And Helmut Lotti has now reached second lace in the "US Classic Crossover Charts".

    Eighteen concerts await Helmut in Germany and Switzerland in November. He's also expected again in the Mecca of classical music - Vienna - for a performance in the famous, already sold out Konzerthaus.

    In December he gives six exclusive concerts in Vorst Nationaal and two in The Hague .

    In between he pops over to Flanders where he receives, for the third time, the "Gouden Oog" for most popular singer.


    Helmut Lotti - barely 28 - climbs the stage of the "World Music Awards", together with Lionel Richie, Julio Iglesias, Los del Rio , Vanessa Mae, Khaled, Bee Gees, Kenny G, Roberta Flack, Florant Pagny, Eros Ramazzotti, Ace of Base, DJ Bono, Fugees and Celine Dion. In the presence of Princess Stephanie and Prince Albert of Monaco, he receives the award for best selling artist of the Benelux .

    The young artist performs brilliantly during two sold out concerts in Montreal and Quebec . The first Classic CD gets Gold. Eighty American PBS TV Stations broadcast the TV special of "Goes Classic II". As a result of it's immense success, PBS decides to include the special in the December program of their other 130 stations.

    The third Classics adventure has to become something exceptional. This results in the remarkable plan to record an outdoor concert at Cleydael Castle in Aartselaar. Helmut himself describes his third CD, nicknamed the Castle Album, as lighter and more enchanting than the previous two.

    Lotti enters Germany through the main entrance with a live performance in the German TV show "Der Goldene Löwe". A month later his youngest project is finished and he contributes yet again a new monument to Belgian music history: " Helmut Lotti goes Classic III".

    The first sold out concert in Germany (Cologne, November 18th 1997). Immediately after this, Helmut flies to Canada and the US for a promotional tour.

    Aid Organisation UNICEF, dedicated to children all over the world, offers Helmut the ambassadorship. Without hesitation the singer accepts this mandate and thus joins people like Sir Roger Moore.

    In addition to several Classics concerts in Belgium and The Netherlands, Helmut Lotti can be seen on TV stations all over the world in the illustrious special "Christmas in Vienna " (December). He shares the stage with Placido Domingo, Sarah Brightman and Riccardo Cocciante.


    A little delayed, but with great enthusiasm, The Netherlands discover the Lotti phenomenon. "Tintin in Operaland", the newspaper "Haagse Post" cheers and thus the young singer breaks through the dikes between our country and our northern neighbours. Result? Double platinum and one sold out concert after another.

    " Helmut Lotti goes Classic II" is released and passes over the counter thousands at a time. The CD is still warm when the first platinum specimen already hangs on Helmut's wall.

    South Africa ogles and welcomes the singer after only a couple of weeks already with gold for his first CD. In the mean time they have also discovered the other Classic Albums and platinum awards are piling up.

    Music exceeds the communal borders. The Walloon provinces in Belgium completely surrender to Lotti and his Classic-train.

    Also in his own country, hundreds of thousands viewers of the commercial TV station VTM vote Helmut Lotti as most popular singer in Flanders .

    He receives a second "Gouden Oog", Belgian's most prestigious TV award, for "most popular singer in Flanders ".

    In March of this year, Helmut stand on stage at the BACIOP party. Piet Roelen had developed the idea to extend the orchestra to 55 musicians. He gets in contact with André Walschaerts , who will become the conductor. Shortly before the concert, Kurt Van Eeghem asks Piet for the name of the large orchestra. He replies spontaneously: "The Golden Symphonic Orchestra". A new monument was born.

    On September 8th and 9th Helmut and The Golden Symphonic Orchestra join again on stage, this time in the Antwerp Elisabeth Hall. The recordings of the new Lotti project take place here. Set-up: classical pieces in a beautiful setting, impressive, live and arranged by Wim Bohets . The concert is sold out immediately. The applause seems to last forever. The press is full of praise.

    The CD " Helmut Lotti goes Classic" becomes the most and fastest sold record in Belgium . Helmut Lotti writes a new chapter in Belgian music history with 12 times platinum. He is rewarded for this with the Sabam Hit Trophy.

    Lotti shows his talent for song writing for the first time on "Just For You". His own lyrics and music easily guide him swinging to - again - a gold record.
    On July 8th, Helmut Lotti gives a special concert in the Casino of Knokke. Mr. Cop of the Casino has requested whether there could be done something exceptional. Manager Piet Roelen suggests a concert with large orchestra, 32 musicians. This suggestions is considered too expensive. Helmut's management decides to take the financial risk themselves. The concert is sold out in no time. Rob De Weerd, director of Holland Casino in Breda who is sitting in the audience, gets the idea to organise a similar concert in 'his' casino.
    It's there that Helmut sings for the first time, and with trembling knees, the song "Caruso". The public is going wild. They give the singer a ten minute long standing ovation.
    At that moment manager Piet Roelen decides: the new project for Helmut will be " Helmut Lotti goes Classic".
    That same evening Honoré Pitteljon, director of BACOB Bank, asks Helmut for the bank's office party in 1995.

    Year after year Helmut improves his records. Where previous albums were rewarded with gold, the new CD shines even more. "Memories" is a collection of carefully chosen Flemish classics, of which the singer brings an English version. His public rewards him with platinum.

    Helmut Lotti may once again return home with a gold record for the album "Alles Wat Ik Voel".

    He tastes gold for the first time with the LP "Vlaamse Nachten".

    From the reserve bench, Helmut enters the Dutch KRO Sound Mix Show. Initially Henny Huismans characterizes him as the "naïve Belgian", but very soon has to humbly retract his words. Lotti's interpretation of the Elvis song "My Boy" takes him to a remarkable second place in the grand finale. His first three singles - "Kom Nu", "Bij Jou Alleen" and "Waarom Ik" climb high in the Flemish hitparades.
    Furthermore he wins a "Gouden Oog" (Golden Eye) for "most popular singer in Flanders ".


    Kevin Leach, alias Helmut Lotigiers , shows up in the regional sound mix circuit. This
    trend of singing competitions drifts over from the Netherlands , where Henny Huisman thought up a real TV topper with "The Sound Mix Show", which is also keenly watched by the Flemish. Leach becomes well known very quickly for his perfect Elvis imitations, including the sensual hip swing.

    Listening to a worn-out record player, he discovers his love for the better crooners and for Elvis Presley. Helmut is barely 5 years old, still a toddler, when his grandfather takes him by the hand and guides him to the stage of the opera house.

    1969 - 22. October
    Helmut Lotigiers is born on October 22nd as the oldest son of Rita Lagrou and Luc Lotigiers. He gets the passion for music from his grandfather, director of Ghent Opera.

    Copyright www.helmutlotti.be


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