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    DEAD END, a metal band with origins in the 80's, was one of the first Japanese
    bands to gain international exposure. Formed in 1984, the band released their
    debut album, Deadline in 1986. DEAD END received interest and attention by
    musicians and fans due to their technical ability and debut at an early age. Each
    member had exceptional musical skill and distinguishing character, featuring
    vocalist MORRIE, bassist “CRAZY”-COOL JOE, guitarist Takahiro and drummer
    Masaaki Tano. In 1987 on the following release, Ghost of Romance, the guitarist
    changed to YOU and the drummer to MINATO. DEAD END had a significant
    influence on the Japanese rock scene and were the leaders of visual kei
    influencing musicians such as Sugizo and Ryuichi from Luna Sea, Hiro from
    La'cryma Christi, Hyde and Tetsuya from L'Arc-en-Ciel, Yasu from Janne Da Arc,
    Kiyoharu and Hitoki from Kuoyume.
    The 1988 release, Shambara, had singles in heavy rotation on US MTV, Knac
    radio, and top UK Import Billboard charts. The 1989 live album, Zero, was the final
    release until the band's reunion concert in 2009 where they announced their new
    release Metamorphosis which was released on 11-11-2009. Also on 11-11-2009,
    4 out of print re-mastered titles were re-released, Dead Line, with a limited edition
    version including DVD, as well as Zero, Ghost of Romance, and Shambara. On
    3-7-2012 DEAD END's 6th album, DREAM DEMON ANALYZER also available in
    a limited edition to include different edits of the PV singles Conception, Final Feast,
    and Song of A Dream Demon. Song of a Dream Demon co-features dancer
    Masako Yasumoto in the PV. Limited edition also includes a DVD of 5 songs
    (Conception, Final Feast, Song of A Dream Demon, Devil Sleep, and Sacrifce of
    the Vision) from the final Death Ace tour live on October 13 at Shibuya O-West.
    Cover art of DREAM DEMON ANALYZER was created by illustrator and actor
    Masakane Yonekura..On 12-12-12 DEAD END released a live DVD blu-ray of
    their 25 year anniversary concert Kaosmoscape. ©DEAD END

    SuG is a five-member band formed in 2006,
    consisting of Takeru (vocals), masato (guitar), yuji (guitar), Chiyu (bass), and shinpei (drums).
    SuG takes its name from “thug,” a slang expression in the U.S. black community meaning people or
    “partners in crime” who move in their own direction without caring about what other people think.
    The concept behind the band, which made its major-label debut in 2010, is “heavy positive rock” : the band
    makes a determined effort to give messages from a positive outlook.
    Songs are written by the entire band and are a fusion of many musical genres. Still, the band’s maverick
    genius vocalist, Takeru, creates a concept for each release and is responsible for the worldview derived from
    the lyrics he writes, music video direction, and all clothing and other artwork. He also plans the band’s
    releases and supervises the band’s purchases and production of clothing and props in order to string
    together albums, novels, videos, and fashion and present the entirety as “3D music.”
    The band has won support for its 3D music not just from the music industry but also from the fashion
    industry and various subcultures. SuG’s music videos and fashions have been highly praised outside of
    Japan too, particularly in Europe and Asia, and Takeru has even appeared in a TV ad for a popular overseas
    bottled drink beverage.
    But just as the band’s popularity, spanning countries, generations, and musical genres, started skyrocketing,
    the band announced they were going on hiatus after a December 29, 2012 show at Yoyogi National Gymnasium’ s Second Hall.


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