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    Born in the UK on 11 August 1954, Joe Jackson started learning the violin but quickly changed to the piano. At 16, he began playing in pubs, and won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music in London. He wrote and produced the whole of his debut album, Look Sharp!, himself. Released in 1979 on A&M, it was recorded with his band, consisting of Gary Sanford (guitar), Graham Maby (bass) and Dave Houghton (drums). With the track 'Is She Really Going Out With Him?', Joe Jackson soon joined the (post) punk category,
    rivalling Elvis Costello with his emotionally charged songs.

    Joe Jackson has been making songs of outstanding musical quality for the past 30 years. His biggest hits are 'Fools In Love', 'Breaking Us In Two', 'It's Different For Girls', 'Is She Really Going Out With Him', 'Happy Loving Couple', 'Don't Wanna Be Like That', 'Beat Crazy', 'Steppin' Out', 'Slow Song' and the entire Night & Day album. While he has made a string of hit songs, his more classical work and his excellent film music (e.g. the catchy 'Shape In A Drape' for Tucker) should not be neglected. He recently released a double CD, At The BBC, through his website, bringing to mind again that amazing evening at the Mallemunt Festival in the heart of Brussels in the late 70s. The follow-up to Volume 4 (2003), Joe Jackson's latest album, Rain, came out in 2008. It was recorded in Berlin, where he currently lives, and mixed in New York, with his talismanic rhythm section (Graham Maby on bass and Dave Houghton on drums).


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