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    At only 21, Julian Perretta has already a very impressive career. After his adolescence, he was on the road with one of the most famous producers in the world, Mark Ronson(Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen…)to sing every night on stage during 30 European dates. At this point, he sang one of Daniel Merriweathers’ songs, “Stop me”. Celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, spots Julian perrettas songs on MySpace and adores them. This as a crucial importance, thanks to Perez Hilton Julian will be known worldwide. This phenomenon got even more important when queen Beyonce invited him to do the first part of her show during her tour in the USA and England. All this buzzing around him could have wasted his whole childhood therefore we are dealing with a very rational and determined young man: “I have performed in front of thousands of people but they weren’t there to see me. Now I would like to get to know and create my own public in smaller places. I know the hardest is yet to come.”
    His most famous song ”Wonder why” is already a hit and a demo of Julian Perrettas future.
    Julian Perretas musical maturity from pop to 70’s soul transparences from his hit “stitch me” and shows a great deal of inspiration for such a young songwriter. We must add that Julian was well raised by his father: He used to listen to Led Zeppelin when having breakfast, Eric Clapton on the way to school and Hendrix on the way back. When he is seven, he even tries to play the guitar on the Beatles model, starting with Balckbird and afterwards Back in USSR. At the age of 15, he discovers artists from his generation, he sings with his groups at school parties The Strokes and The Killers.
    A year later, he leaves school to start his adventure. This is the result of his album that we can find in any music stores. It took 4 years to get his album right. Julians luck was to meet Rob Harris and Matt Johnson both Jamiroquais musicians.

    Julian admires Brandon Flowers (The Killers) and Bernie Taupin (Elton John) as brilliant songwriters. He would like his creations to be the result of his emotions and all the music that he has heard since his childhood. With “Wonder why” and the irresistible Ride My Star (or even stitch me up or Let me love you), we are prepared to hear them on and on thanks to the radio and nobody would even think to complain.

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