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    Naseer Shamma was born in the city of Kut, Iraq. And took the first lessons of playing Oud on the hands of his first teacher, Saheb Hussien AlNamoos. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Institute of Musical Studies “tonalities” in Baghdad in 1987. Later, Oud became his specialty instrument. He obtained, on his graduation year, “The best melody of an emotional song in Iraq” award; he played his first concert at the first Arabic music forum in France with a selection of top artists in Iraq. He presented his first solo musical concert, at a very early age, on Iraq theaters. The most famous concert was in 1985, conducted in the hall of “Orfali” in Baghdad. Mrs. Wedad El-Orfali invited the top artists, writers, musicians and critics to the party despite the novelty of his experience at the time.
    His compositions are culturally unique. He performs on the oud in a manner which combines ancient methods with his own modern compositions. He has constructed an eight-string oud following the manuscript of the 9th century music theorist al-Farabi. This new design (8 instead of 6 strings) expanded the musical range of the oud and gave it a distinct tonality.


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