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    Oliver was always special and different from others his age.

    Even as a small child, he entertained all those around him with his musical talent and singing. The small boy grew to become one of the most respected Croatian musical performers, with a long successful career.

    Born in Vela Luka December 8, 1947, he was educated in Split, where he finished musical school. He marked his first public performance back in 1967. The song that "broke the ice" was "Picaferaj".

    The performance went well, but it was also the start of a great and important musical collaboration - a long-time collaboration between Oliver and Zdenko Runjić. His successful career followed just a few years later. "Galeb i ja", "Skalinada", "Oprosti mi pape" and "Vjeruj u ljubav" are just a few of Oliver's anthological festival hits. Oliver's album "Dvi, tri, rići" went platinum, with a total of over 50 000 copies.
    After he won over the public at home, it was time to use his unique musical style to entertain the international public, who await his concerts with excitement. In 2005, in the Parisian concert hall Olympia, Oliver started making all the dreams he dreamt as a boy come true.

    Concerts in Carnegie Hall, the most famous concert hall in New York, and the prestigious Konzerthaus in Vienna, followed. He will continue the adventure of his lifetime and celebration of his career with a concert in the famous Royal Albert Hall, in a live atmosphere of which you can also be a part.

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