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    Chick Corea

    NEA Jazz Master, 17-time Grammy Award winner and keyboard virtuoso, Chick Corea is a tirelessly creative spirit who continues to reinvent himself with each new project. Since arriving on the scene more than 40 years ago, Chick has contributed brilliantly to every strain of modern jazz, while also delving into classical composition. A consistent audience favorite, Chick is set to throw every bit of his artistry into Return to Forever IV’s World Tour.

    “His ‘Romantic Warrior’ solo was superb, each melodic idea acting as a spring for the next. His brilliance as a composer was there, too, as the magic of ‘Spain’ filled the room . . .” – Sydney Morning Herald

    Stanley Clarke

    A living legend of the bass, Stanley Clarke has explored most every mode of music from R&B and rock to straight-ahead jazz and orchestral music. Equally adept at upright acoustic and burning electric basses, Clarke has been a towering musician for more than 30 years, earning critical acclaim for his innovative film scores and continually inventive solo recordings. Clarke’s most recent Grammy win came in 2011.

    “Clarke was a towering presence and sound on bass, both acoustic and electric . . . ” — The West Australian

    Lenny White

    A founding father of the jazz-rock movement, drummer Lenny White earned a worldwide reputation as a member of the mid-’70s supergroup Return to Forever. Before joining RTF in 1973, White had already played on Miles Davis’ pivotal Bitches Brew in 1969. With his own pioneering solo works — most recently, on his stunning 2010 album Anomaly — White has established himself as a premier drummer of jazz’s most adventurous edges.

    “It was mind-boggling to me how fast Lenny’s hands were. It’s still mind-boggling — how does he do it?” — Michael Bland

    Jean-Luc Ponty

    A master of violin and pioneer of jazz-rock, Jean-Luc Ponty is widely regarded as an innovator who has expanded the vocabulary of modern music. The one-time member of the Mahavishnu Orchestra, who helped establish the jazz voice of the electric violin in the 1970s, is ready to spark the fusion fires once again on RTF IV’s historic 2011 World Tour.

    “One of a small number of jazz-fusion musicians whose technical virtuosity is matched by a restraint one rarely encounters. . . . Shimmering lyricism and pointillistic precision. ” — New York Times

    Frank Gambale

    One of the elite guitarists in modern jazz, Frank Gambale continues to raise the bar for a generation of aspiring six-stringers with his unsurpassed fretboard facility. Gambale is simply one of the greatest guitarists walking the planet today, a bona fide guitar hero who never fails to astound aficionados with his signature sweep picking prowess. With his brilliant 2011 album Soulmine marks his first collaboration with his wife, the vocalist Boca.

    “My personal favorite guitarist is Frank Gambale. His playing is ferocious. His smoothness is unbelievable. That snap, the clarity! I love that stuff.” — Jerry Garcia


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