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    1967 - RITCHIE BLACKMORE - who has previously played with such bands as the Outlaws, Screaming Lord Sutch, and Neil Christian & The Crusaders - is invited by ex-Artwoods/The Flowerpot Men keybordist Jon Lord (who was invited by The Searchers ex-drummer, Chris Curtis) to form a new band. Other musician's would be auditioned from a Melody Maker ad in Deeves Hall in Hertfordshire.

    1968 - In February, the group would form as Roundabout, consisting of the three (with Chris Curtis on vocals) along with Dave Curtis on bass and Bobby Woodman on drums. After only a month of uncompromising rehearsals, BLACKMORE and LORD would be the only two remaining, bringing in vocalist Rod Evans (formally of the groups M15 and Maze), bassist Nick Simper (ex-Johnny Kidd & the Pirates) and drummer Ian Paice. In April, the band would change its name to DEEP PURPLE, and forego the name Concrete God. Using Vanilla Fudge as its model, the group records an album and is signed to EMI in the United Kingdom and Tetragrammation (Bill Cosby's label) in the United States. A few months later, the band performs its first major UK performance at the Sunbury Festival. In September, the band would release the first single from the album, "Hush", which reaches #4 on the US charts. The album, itself, Shades of Deep Purple, would reach the Top 25. In December, the band would release their rendition of Neil Diamond's "Kentucky Woman" a single which would also experience considerable chart success.

    1969 - Early in the year, the band would release The Book to Taliesyn which would feature a revival of Ike and Tina Turner's "River Deep, Mountain High." In July, the band would release their self-titled album, Deep Purple. Shortly thereafter, their record label would go under and Rod Evans and Nick Simper would both leave the band. They would be replaced by singer Ian Gillan and bassist Roger Glover, who were both previously members of the group, Episode Six. The two would add a dynamic chemistry to the band, complimenting BLACKMORE, who was quickly rising as one of most omnipotent British lead guitarists around. In September, the band would perform what many believed to be their most adventurous album to date, Concerto For Group And Orchestra, which featured The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

    1970 - By August, the band's newest album, Deep Purple In Rock, would stay on the UK charts for over a year, and hit #4. To this day, the album remains a landmark of sorts in heavy rock, with Gillan's screeching vocals pitted against BLACKMORE'S fierce guitar playing. Such Deep Purple classics as "Black Night," and " Child in Time" were featured on the album which mainly generated interest in the UK.

    1971 - In July, Deep Purple would tour the United States with The Faces. Two months later, the band would release, Fireball, an album that would also go Top 40 in the United States and be their first chart-topping album in the UK. The band would form their own label, Purple (distributed by EMI) in October before heading to Montreux to record. On December 3rd, the band is recording in the Montreux Casino in Switzerland when it burns down during a set by Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention. The rest is history, as RITCHIE BLACKMORE and the group immortalize the incident in the song, "Smoke on The Water," which would appear on the bands next album.

    1972 - Deep Purple release Machine Head, which would also top the UK charts (and go to #7 in the U.S. charts) and feature such worldwide rock classics as "Smoke on the Water," "Space Truckin'," "Lazy," and "Highway Star." The band - who now had a monstrous live set only second to Led Zeppelin - would remain on the road for 44 weeks of the year mainly in support of Machine Head (as well as a compilation album on Warner Bros. Titled Purple Passages). Twenty five years later, Machine Head is still considered one of rock's all-time greatest albums.

    1973 - Made In Japan - an album that would result from live recordings of their summer tour in '72 - is released in January and reaches #6 in the United States. However, prior to its release, it would sell huge quantities as an import. Another album, Who Do We Think We Are, is released virtually simultaneously and reaches #15 in the U.S. charts. In the middle of the year, Gillan and Glover quit the band just prior to "Smoke on the Water" reaching #4 on the singles charts and selling over a million copies. In September, David Coverdale (who would be performing as the vocalist for a band called The Fabuloser Brothers and would later go on to form Whitesnake five years later) and bassist Glenn Hughes (ex-Trapeze) would both answer an ad placed by Purple.

    1974 - In March, the band releases Burn, which features the new line-up consisting of Coverdale and Hughes. The change wouldn't affect the band's stride as the album reaches the Top 10 in the U.S. charts. Deep Purple would release another album toward the end of the year titled, Stormbringer, that would make the Top 20. Also in November, an impostor posing as BLACKMORE borrows a Porsche in Iowa City, IA, and wrecks it, having already conned food and shelter from several Deep Purple fans, BLACKMORE is actually with the band in San Francisco. The impostor is arrested and charged with misrepresentation.

    1975 - In April, RITCHIE BLACKMORE would depart Deep Purple to form a new band, RAINBOW. He teams up with the core of the American band Elf, which contains Ronnie James Dio on vocals (who along with BLACKMORE, would become one of the main songwriters), Mickey Lee Soule on keyboards, Craig Gruber on bass, and Gary Driscoll on drums. Prior to this formation, BLACKMORE recorded "Black Sheep Of The Family" with Elf (on Purple Records) which had toured as the support band for Deep Purple. In May, the band would record Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow at Musicland Studios in Munich, Germany. As the album escalates up the charts (reaching #30 in U.S.), Soule, Gruber, and Driscoll would depart the band, and BLACKMORE would recruit ex-Hariot bassist Jimmy Bain, ex-Blessings keyboardist Tony Carey, and ex-Jeff Beck Group drummer Cozy Powell.

    1976 - In July, the band would release their first album with the new line-up, Rainbow Rising. Beginning in August, the band would tour the U.S. , Japan, Europe, and Canada for the remainder of the year.

    1977 - Early in the year, ex-Uriah Heep bassist Mark Clarke would replace Jimmy Bain in the group. In May, shortly after the band begins to record a new album Tony Carey and Mark Clarke would depart, and BLACKMORE would concentrate instead on a live album. Their replacements would be David Stone and Bob Daisley, respectively. On Stage - the double-live album that BLACKMORE has been concentrating on - is released. It would feature the line-up of BLACKMORE, Dio, Carey, Bain, and Powell. A single from the album, "Kill The King," would be RAINBOW'S first charting single. Later in the year, the band would begin recording at Paris Studios to complete their third studio album.

    1978 - Beginning in January, the band would tour both the U.S. and Japan throughout most of the year. Long Live Rock'n'Roll would be released in May, and enter the Top100. In November, after ten months of touring, BLACKMORE becomes disillusioned with the current line-up, keeping only Cozy Powell in the fold (Dio would become a member of Black Sabbath). A month later, he plays at London's Marquee club with ex-Deep Purple colleague Ian Gillan, and recruits keyboardist Don Alrey to RAINBOW.

    1979 - RITCHIE BLACKMORE adds singer Graham Bonnet (who had formerly recorded with The Marbles) and one-time Deep Purple bandmate Roger Glover, completing the line-up. The Glover-produced Down To Earth is released in September, and the first single "Since You've Been Gone" (written by ex-Argent singer Russ Ballard) would reach considerable success before the end of the year.

    1980 - In March, a single written by BLACKMORE and Glover, "All Night Long," is released, reaching #5 in the UK charts. In August, the band would headline the first annual Monsters Of Rock festival in Castle Donnington. Powell and Bonnet depart for solo careers shortly thereafter. Vocalist Joe Lynn Turner and drummer Bob Rondinelli would join band. In the mean time, original Deep Purple vocalist puts together a bogus line-up and tours as Deep Purple. BLACKMORE and Glover need to take legal action to preserve credibility of band and keep Evans from using name. Deepest Purple / The Very Best of Deep Purple would be released. Toward the end of the year, a Deep Purple live album, In Concert, would be released featuring tracks recorded between 1970-72.

    1981 - In February, RAINBOW would release Difficult To Cure, which would spawn their highest charting UK single to date, "I Surrender," also written by Ballard. Polydor UK recognizes buzz and reissues the band's first hit single, "Kill The King," as well as its parent album, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. In December, the band releases a compilation album, The Best Of Rainbow.

    1982 - In April, the band would release Straight Between The Eyes which would feature newest addition, keyboardist Dave Rosenthal. The first single from the effort, "Stone Cold," goes Top 40, while the album, itself, goes Top 30. The band goes on an extensive world tour (excluding the UK) to promote the album. Deep Purple Live in London - originally recorded for BBC Radio in 1974 - would be released in the UK.

    1983 - Bent Out of Shape - which would feature the line-up of BLACKMORE, Glover, Turner, and newest addition, drummer Chuck Burgi (formally of Brand X). The video for the single, "Street of Dreams," would be banned from the newly-formed MTV as it visually demonstrates hypnosis. In October, the band tours UK for the first time since 1981, mostly in support of the recent album. A month later, the album would generate interest in the States, subsequently reaching #34 in the album charts. Despite MTV banning the single, it does well without their exposure.

    1983 - Blackmore gets nominated for a Grammy for his soulful instrumental "Anybody There"

    1984 - RITCHIE BLACKMORE decides to put the band on hold as both he and Roger Glover are approached to join the most successful line-up of Deep Purple (with Gillan on vocals, Lord on keyboards, and Paice on drums). The band begins a world tour. Prior to the trek, RAINBOW performs its final tour in Japan with its final live show accompanied by a Japanese symphony orchestra. The set includes BLACKMORE'S adaptation of Beethoven's "Ninth Symphony." In November, Deep Purple signs to Mercury Records in the States, and releases Perfect Strangers. It would go to #17 on the U.S. charts.

    1985 - In January, Deep Purple would release the first single from the album, "Knocking At Your Back Door," following it up with the title track, "Perfect Strangers." In July, a Deep Purple double compilation, The Anthology is released in UK.

    1986 - A double compilation album, Finyl Vinyl, is remixed for release by Roger Glover, containing many unheard live tracks by RAINBOW, in addition to scarce tracks previously only on singles B-sides. The release is considered a successful coda to the band's career.

    1987 - The Deep Purple album, The House of The Blue Light, is released in February and reaches Top 10 U.K. and Top 40 U.S.. The band tours Europe extensively.

    1988 - Nobody's Perfect - recorded live during the band's 1987 tour - is released in July, and Deep Purple would embark on a two-month "Nobody's Perfect " U.S. tour.

    1989 - In July, Ian Gillan quits the group citing "musical differences."

    1990 - Deep Purple - now comprised of BLACKMORE, Glover, Lord, Paice, and former RAINBOW vocalist, Joe Lynn, Turner - would sign with RCA Records. The resulting album, Slaves & Masters, would be released in November.

    1991 - Deep Purple will tour in support of Slaves & Masters, encompassing the United States, S.America, Europe, England, Japan, Greece, Israel, Hungary, and the Pacific Rim.

    1992 - Upon RCA Record's request, Ian Gillan replaces Joe Lynn Turner prior to the band entering the studio again. The result is an album called The Battle Rages On, which is produced by Roger Glover and Tom Panunzio.

    1993 - Deep Purple - now with Gillan at the helm - tours Europe. In the midst of the tour, BLACKMORE makes it known that he's not pleased with the performance of Gillan thus far, and plans to depart at the end of the European leg. The band would complete the tour in Japan with guitarist Joe Satriani. Once BLACKMORE returned to the States, he would begin recruiting musicians for the formation of RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW.

    1994 - BLACKMORE holds auditions for the new incarnation in upstate New York. by the end of the year, the new band would consist of Scottish singer Doogle White (ex-Praying Mantis) on vocals, keyboardist Paul Morris (ex-Doro Pesch), bassist Greg Smith (Alice Cooper, Blue Oyster Cult, Joe Lynn Turner), drummer John O'Reilly (Ritchie Havens, Blue Oyster Cult, Joe Lynn Turner) and singer Candice Night ( who would go on to co-write the first single, "Ariel," ) on background vocals.

    1995 - The band would begin recording songs earlier in the year, and by September, the new album, Stranger in Us All, would be complete. BMG International releases the album, and within the first week of its availability would sell over 100,000 copies in Japan. This remarkable sales feat would be assisted by Burrn! magazine heralding RITCHIE with no less than seven reader's poll awards. Including "Best Guitarist," "Best Songwriter," "Best Live Show," and "Best Song of the Year" for "Black Masquerade." Similar accolades for RITCHIE would occur in Germany as he's named "Best Guitarist" in a magazine poll. Shortly after the release of Stranger in Us All, the video for the single, "Ariel," would be played heavily on MTV Europe, further promoting album sales. Toward the end of the year, RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW would tour Europe. Chuck Burgi - who originally joined RAINBOW in 1983 - would replace John O' Reilly to tour with RAINBOW as John sustained a soccer injury just after completing the album.

    1996 - RAINBOW will play sold-out shows in such locations as Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. After that successful solo tour of South America, the band would perform in front of hundreds of thousands during a European festival tour in support of such bands as ZZ Top, Little Feat, and Deep Blue Something. The largest crowd of the tour would be 40,000 fans. After one of the RAINBOW concerts in Germany, Pat Boone - best known for his white shoes - would call RITCHIE to ask if he'll contribute some guitar work on his upcoming album of metal covers, Pat Boone : In A Metal Mood. Amused and flattered at the same time by the project, RITCHIE provides the guitar licks for Boone's rendition of "Smoke On The Water." In addition to this tribute, RITCHIE records the song "Apache," for the Hank Marvin and The Shadows tribute album titled Twang. Although destined but not eligible for induction yet, BLACKMORE gets a display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. He also makes "his impression" by being inducted to Rock Walk in Hollywood, California. Devoted fans of BLACKMORE point out that he appears in the blockbuster movie, "Twister" (RITCHIE is performing on TV during one of the tornado chases). In October, BLACKMORE begins to record his acoustic Renaissance album titled, Shadow Of The Moon which will not be a RAINBOW project... Instead, the new band will be called "BLACKMORE'S NIGHT," incorporating the imagery of the two main participants - BLACKMORE and vocalist/lyricist Candice Night. The album will feature four songs taken from authentic Renaissance music, with new lyrics and brought into a more contemporary sound. Jethro Tull front man Ian Anderson guests on one of the songs, "Play, Minstrel, Play." In December, BMG Japan records a "making of " documentary video as well as three performance videos for various proposed singles.

    1997 - RITCHIE BLACKMORE'S RAINBOW tours the United States in support of Stranger In Us All beginning on February 20th. The Rainbow U.S. tour coincides with the release of the debut BLACKMORE'S NIGHT CD, Shadow Of The Moon, featuring lyricist and lead singer Candice Night. The album is released in Japan in late April, and would go on to sell an overwhelming 100,000 copies in just a matter of weeks. It would debut at #14 on the Billboard Album Charts in Japan. On May 31, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow would headline the Esbjerg Rock Festival in Denmark, performing to over 30,000 fans. In early June, SHADOW OF THE MOON is released in Europe and would immediately chart. It remained on the charts for 17 weeks in Germany.

    July 1997 - Deepest Purple goes gold and silver simultaneously in the U.S.

    1997 - Ritchie takes his new Blackmore's Night band on his first acoustic/electric SHADOW OF THE MOON TOUR. They play to sold out venues in Japan and Europe.

    February 17, 1998 SHADOW OF THE MOON is released in the U.S.

    March 1998 - 'NO SECOND CHANCE ' a radio single from Shadow of the Moon is released in Brazil, and spends three weeks at chart position 5 on Brazil Radio.

    May 8, 1998 'WISH YOU WERE HERE' the first radio single release.

    May 1998 Shadow of the Moon is awarded Gold Record status for Japan. In the U.S., Shadow of the Moon reaches number 1 on the Gavin Up and Coming AC charts.

    June 1998 Candice Night and Ritchie Blackmore return to the studio for the recording of the next Blackmore's Night album.

    September 25, 1998 - Blackmore's Night headlines the International Rock Award Ceremony in Athens, Greece.

    September - October 1998 - Blackmore's Night returns to Europe to play in Churches, Synagogues, Castles and Theaters for enchanted evenings of musical concerts.

    November 1998 - Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night film a special show for Chrysalis TV in London

    December 14-20, 1998 - Blackmore is guest speaker on Kevin Bacon's radio show Guitar Legends

    January 1999 - Back to the studio to finish recording Blackmore's Night newest project - "Under A Violet Moon" due for Spring 1999 release with Strawbs frontman John Ford contributing guest vocals on Wind In The Willows.

    Spring 1999 - Rhino Records released the complete Deep Purple box set..

    Spring-Summer 1999 - Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night are featured on VH1's, "Where are they Now" - this segment is one of the "best of VH1" and runs continuously through 1999.

    Spring 1999 - Polygram releases the complete re-mastered Rainbow albums.

    April 1999 - Under A Violet Moon is released in Japan and immediately charts at #2 in Japan and #12 on the International Billboard Charts.

    April 1999 - Rainbow and Deep Purple are charted in the top 10 rock bands of all time by Chrysalis TV Special.

    May 1999 - Under A Violet Moon is released in Europe and charts on the Billboard International Charts at #20

    July 1999 - Under A Violet Moon is released in the United States.

    June-July 1999 - Blackmore's Night is back in Europe for the Under A Violet Moon Castle tour. This sold out tour is a groundbreaking castle tour throughout Europe.

    September 1999 - Ritchie and Candice tape upcoming show for CNN World Beat, and the Christmas Special - Airing dates - Christmas day. They also tape a segment for a "medieval special" to be aired in 2000.

    October 1999 - Blackmore's Night commences the first leg of the US tour - bringing the Under A Violet Moon tour to the Midwest/New York area. Blackmore's Night will perform two charity shows in October to benefit the Saltare foundation to bring Performing Arts to underprivileged children - also a charity benefit show was performed for abused and homeless animals - donating their time and proceeds of their Halloween show to Best Friends Society and the North Shore Animal League.

    December 1999 - Daily Telegraph Sunday Edition feature article on Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night.

    January 2000 - Blackmore's Night returns to tour Italy.

    January/February 2000 - Blackmore's Night will continue to tour Europe and Japan, and return to the castle tours in the summer of 2000.

    May 2000 - CNN Worldbeat airs a special on renaissance music featuring Blackmore's Night

    Summer 2000 - Blackmore's Night returns to Europe for castle tour.

    June/July 2001 - Fires At Midnight by Blackmore's Night is released in Japan and
    Europe, entering the International German Billboard charts at No.9 and the International Japanese charts at No. 20, Austrian charts at No.34, Czech Republic charts at No.21, and Slovakia charts at No. 26.

    July/August 2001 - Fires At Midnight German Castle tour - Sold Out Venues
    Hamburg Charity Performance - All Blackmore's Night proceeds benefit Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

    August 2001 - Fires At Midnight reaches Number 7 on the New Age Voice US radio charts.

    August 2001 - Blackmore's Night Guest Appearance on Fernsehgarten Garden-German TV, performing artist on Vabank and the Ice Hockey Stick of the Year Program for Czech Nova TV and Blackmore's Night live performances on the BingoLotto TV Show in Sweden.

    September 2001 - Fires At Midnight video reaches Number 6 in Canadian MusicMax TV charts.

    Sept/Oct 2001 - England, Holland, Denmark and Sweden - Fires At Midnight Tour - Sold Out.

    October/Nov 2001 - Times They Are A Changin' video from Fires At Midnight wins the Number 1 TV video award three weeks straight and takes Number 2 for fourth week on Nova TV Czech Republic.

    Nov. 2001 - Fires At Midnight remains high on Russian charts - on " Open Radio" in Moscow "The Times They Are A Changin'" remains 9 weeks in the top 20 hit list. "I Still Remember" enters rotation in top 20. Show business agency "Intermedia" reports that Fires At Midnight is one of the top 10 International pop bestsellers during Sept and Oct.

    Dec 2001 - Charity Benefit performance of Blackmore's Night - All Proceeds go to North Shore Animal League and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah to feed and shelter homeless animals.

    March 2002 - Blackmore's Night special guest performance at the Czech Music Award Ceremony-filmed by Nova TV. Blackmore's Night performs at Angel Music Award Ceremony in Prague. They received an Eso Award from NOVA TV for their number one video The Times They Are A Changin.

    August 2002 - Ritchie records an amazing electric guitar solo on Die Geyers album. The song is called: Goettliche Devise.
    Home Again (radio cut), 'All Because of You', 'Waiting Just For You' remix, and 'Home Again' album version is released as a single and the the proceeds are donated to the Red Cross to help the victims of the terrible floods that occurred in Eastern Germany and the Czech Republic.

    June 2003 - All For One from Ghost of A Rose is used as the theme song for the Japanese syndication of the popular American program "Third Watch".

    July 2003 - Ghost of a Rose is released and is in the charts. #11 in Germany, #14 in Japan. Czech charts #2, Swedish charts #39.

    2004 - Blackmore's Night tours all over Europe, the Ukraine, Turkey, and Russia.

    July 2004 - Ritchie and Candice meet the Burgermeister of St Goar! See newspaper clipping from July 2004.

    September 2004 - Beyond the Sunset - The Romantic Collection with additional DVD tracks and bonus holiday songs is released.

    The Finest Collection of Blackmore's Night - All For One" is released in Japan on Yamaha Music.

    Blackmore's Night tours the north east of the USA.

    October 2004 - Blackmore's Night tours Japan.

    All Because of You released as a single.

    Beyond The Sunset is at number 3 on the New Age Reporter charts in the USA!

    November 2004 - 2 BN tunes, Gone With The Wind and Shadow of the Moon, are chosen for the soundtrack compilation of the German TV series - The magical Story of the Rings: Die Nibelungen the Ring of the Nibelungs
    www.ring-of-the-nibelungs.com | www.sat1.de/nibelungen

    December 2004 - Christmas Eve by Blackmore's Night is released as a single.

    December 2004 - Number 1 for 2004!!!!!! Beyond The Sunset - The Romantic Collection won the award from New Age Reporter for Vocal Album of The Year!!!

    December 2004 - Cozy Noses and Warm Hearts: Our Renaissance Festive Holiday Dinner was a huge success with representatives from 12 states. We were able to raise over $1200 for Save A Pet and Little Shelter animal rescue centers on Long Island.

    December 2004 - Ritchie is voted the #1 guitarist in Italy in a poll done by Chitarristi Magazine.

    December 2004 - Japan - The popular TV show Third Watch uses "All For One" from the Ghost of A Rose album by Blackmore's Night as its theme song.

    2004 - Double Gold albums in the Czech Republic. Fires At Midnight and Ghost of a Rose were awarded gold records at a special ceremony held at Cartouche in Prague.

    January 2005 - Beyond the Sunset - The Romantic Collection, wins the New Age Reporter award for the #1 New Age Vocal Album of the Year!

    January 2005 - Die Burg commercial featuring Blackmore's Night song Lorelei.

    February 2005 - Blackmore's Night tours the west coast of USA for the 1st time!

    February 2005 - Fender and Hewlett Packard announced the completion of the first HP/Fender commercial. The commercial aired for the first time during the Academy Awards on ABC. After the trials and tribulations of the new guitar players, you can hear the master playing the riff for "Smoke on the Water".

    April 2005 - Ritchie Blackmore was voted the #2 guitarist of the year in Japan's Burrn Magazine, April 2005 issue.

    May 2005 - The DVD Castles and Dreams enters high in the charts in Europe.
    Sweden - # 2 ,Germany - # 3 , Austria - # 4 , Italy - # 8 , England -# 23

    December 2005 - Blackmore's Night Holiday single "Christmas Eve" hits the Adult Contemporary Billboard Charts at #38! The 1st time that Ritchie Blackmore has been on the A/C charts and the 1st time Blackmore's Night has charted in Billboard for the USA!

    January 2006 - Blackmore's Night Castles and Dreams debuts on WLIW as a 1 hour special to help the fund drive for public television. Ritchie and Candice are live in the studio and the other band members even take turns answering the fund drive phones for Public Television Stations. The special continues to be aired throughout America into 2007.

    January 2006 - Blackmore's Night "Street Of Dreams" was chosen as the ending theme song for "Junk Sports" broadcast on Fuji TV, Japan's biggest TV station. Guests include famous sports personalities such as Tiger Woods (golf), David Beckham (soccer) & Maria Sharapova (tennis).

    January 2006 - Castles and Dreams debut on American television. PBS specials run throughout the year of 2006 nationwide.

    January 2006 - Village Lanterne is released in Japan.

    January 2006 - Village Lanterne moves to #6 in the Japanese Oricon charts for domestically released international artists!

    January 7 2006- Blackmore's Night enters the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts at #38 with their holiday single Christmas Eve

    March/April 2006 - Village Lanterne released in Europe and USA reaching various high chart positions worldwide.

    March 2006- USA/Canada: “The Village Lanterne” debuts at Number 5 on the New Age Reporter Radio Top 100 Airplay chart.. For April the cd moves up to Number 2

    March 2006 Within three weeks of release The Village Lanterne has goes gold in Russia and in the Czech Republic it goes to Number 3 on the international Charts

    April 2006 - Burrn Magazine Reported: Burrnin Albums Charts: Blackmore's Night Village Lanterne ranks Number 2, and Burrnin DVD's Charts Castles and Dreams ranks number 1.

    May 2006 - “The Village Lanterne” places Number 2 on the NewAgeReporter.com Top 100 Airplay chart for the month. www.newagereporter.com

    May 2006 - Blackmore's Night Village Lanterne enters the Czech charts at number 3!

    June 2006 - Village Lanterne charts on NAR at #3 in the USA

    Summer 2006 -Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King debuts on the SCI FI Channel in the USA and releases the soundtrack cd which includes 2 Blackmore's Night tracks : Gone With the Wind and Shadow of the Moon.

    November 2006 - Winter Carols entered the radio charts at number 4for Public Radio Stations and College Stations throughout the USA.
    New Age Reporter November 2006 Top 100 Airways Chart

    December 2006 - Winter Carols by Blackmore's Night still in top 8 on USA Billboard charts three weeks straight!!! Thank you to our fans!!! (Dec 9 chart)

    December 2006 - USA Radio Media charts, " Christmas Eve" # 30 on Adult Contemporary Radio Charts!!!!

    December 2006 - "Christmas Eve" gets played throughout Disneyland! On their Disney Village Radio (Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, dans la rue du Disney Village, le marché de Noël and in the streets and the Christmas market of the Village etc.
    in France.
    December 2006 - Save A Pet and Blackmore's Night: Thanks to all who made donations for Save a Pet at our charity show. We collected over $1000 and many dogs and cats had a good holiday.

    December 2006 - Winter Carols debuted at #7 on USA Billboard New Age Charts!! Click here for chart.

    December 2006 - Blackmore's Night staying power in Billboard charts! Winter Carols spends 5 weeks in the Billboard New Age charts- TOP 10 in USA.

    January 2007 - "Winter Carols" remained in the top of the charts for first week of January at #15 in Billboard.

    November 2007 - Blackmore's Night works together to help raise funds for the animals on their USA tour. Partnering up with: New Leash On Life- Chicago, the Helen O Krause Animal Foundation in Pennsylvania,
    Save A Pet for the New York City Show and more.

    December 2007 - Paris Moon is NUMBER 1 in November and December for the top 100 New Age Reporter charts

    April 2007 - Ritchie's most famous riff does it again! Smoke on the Water Dodge commercial.
    June 2007: Ritchie's famous riff breaks the world record!! Read about it on MSNBC, on CNN or in Guitar World.

    June 2007: We are also so very happy to be partners once again this year with the World Wildlife Fund in Germany. An additional donation from each ticket will be used to help save the Sumatran Tigers. Click here to read.

    January 2008 - The DVD/Cd box set, Paris moon, reaches #1 on the NAR charts. Christmas Eve, the holiday single, was #26 on the German radio charts

    January 2008 - Blackmore's Night gets triple nominations for Paris Moon by NAR: Best Vocal Album, Best Album and Best Celtic Album.

    May 2008 - Ritchie did it again!! Smoke On The Water voted number 1 Guitar riff!!! read more

    May 2008 - Ritchie's famous riff wins #1 in the UK Daily Record.

    July 2008 - New cd release Secret Voyage
    - Secret Voyage enters the USA New Age Billboard charts at #1

    Oct 2008 - "Secret Voyage" is #2 on the September 2008 New Age Reporter Top 100 charts

    Sept 2008 - Blackmore's Night Honored In Germany for DVD Sales - Blackmore's Night received a gold DVD award at the Aegi Theater in Hannover Germany for reaching gold status in Germany for their dvd Castles and Dreams.

    Dec 2008 - Blackmore's Night performs their annual invitation only Holiday Charity show! We were able to raise funds for Save A Pet, Little Shelter and North Shore Animal League!

    Dec 2008 - "Secret Voyage" is playing throughout Disney Village Disneyland Paris (Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, streets, etc) Songs played are: 1. Can't Help Falling in Love 2. Far Far Away 3. Empty Words 4. Rainbow Eyes

    Dec 2008 - Blackmore's Night song Olde Mill Inn is heard in Jim Carrey's newest film "Yes Man!"

    Jan 2009 - "Secret Voyage" was chosen as the winner of the Best Celtic Album title for New Age Reporter!

    Feb 2009 - Secret Voyage has been nominated for Top NAR awards in three categories- Best Vocal Album of 2008 - Best Celtic album of 2008 - Best cover artwork for a cd in 2008

    March 2009 - Secret Voyage was still riding high on Top of Billboards New Age Charts 63 weeks!!!!!

    Sept 2010 - Autumn Sky Cd Enters at #15 in German charts.

    Sept 2010 - Autumn sky enters the Swedish chart position at 36

    Sept 2010 - Autumn Sky charted in Greece at #23 charted at number 11 in Czech

    Sept 2010 - In Finland Autumn Sky charts at number 29.


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