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    Le Trio Joubran is composed of three brothers : Samir, Wissam and Adnan. Their repertoire is filled with magnificent improvisations and rich subtle melodies, composed with a great knowledge of the ‘ud that holds such an outstanding importance in Palestinian culture.

    Le Trio Joubran’s story started off with the eldest of the brothers, Samir, who began solo and composed the two first albums : Taqaseem and Sou’fahm. For the third album, Tamaas, Wissam joined Samir on his adventure, as he was himself the stringed-instrument maker for the band. Two years later, the Trio as we know it today is born when Adnan joins his brothers and Randana is composed.
    In 2007, Majâz is a complete and well-deserved success.

    As the Trio’s adventure goes on, the brothers are known worldwide and have managed to give themselves an impressive reputation amongst world music bands.
    With the great Yousef Hbeisch on percussions, the band is a symbol of Palestine’s rich culture and is living an incredible musical adventure. Tickets are sold out anywhere they go : Carnegie Hall, Paleo Festival (CH), WOMAD, Dubai International Film Festival, Holland Festival, Théâtre de la Ville, Bahrain Manama Cultural Hall, etc.

    Le Trio Joubran also composed movie scores such as Nassim Amaouche’s Adieu Gary, for which they won the award of Best composer at Dubai Festival in 2009 ; but also for Karim Dridi’s Dernier Vol staring Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet.

    Rodrigo y Gabriela composed a piece to pay tribute to the Trio, and invited them to play with them at the Olympia, Casino de Paris, and the NY Radio City Hall.

    Le Trio Joubran continue their adventure, touring Majâz and A l’Ombre des mots, a show in homage to the poet Mahmoud Darwich.


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